Congressman Clyburn Applauds the Establishment of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis

Apr 24, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn Issued The Following Statement Today In Response To Passage Of Legislation Establishing The House Select Subcommittee On The Coronavirus Crisis, Which Speaker Pelosi Has Named Him To Chair.

“I Am Pleased The House Has Acted To Ensure We Will Have Robust Oversight Of The Federal Resources Expended In Response To The COVID-19 Crisis. The Select Subcommittee On The Coronavirus Crisis Established Today Is Charged With Ensuring The Efficient, Effective And Equitable Allocation Of Trillions Of Dollars In Taxpayer Funds. The Subcommittee Will Conduct Oversight On How Federal Resources Are Being Used To Mitigate Harm To The Individuals, Communities, Small Businesses, Health Care Providers, States, Local Governments, And Other Entities For Which They Are Intended.

“From The Announcement Of This Select Subcommittee, I Have Maintained That Our Work Will Be Forward Looking. To Inform Our Recommendations To Emerge From This Crisis And Improve Our Preparedness For Future Pandemics, We Must Look At The Totality Of Our Current Response. As George Santayana Warned Us, Those Who Fail To Learn The Lessons Of The Past Are Doomed To Repeat Them.

“This Select Subcommittee Is Inspired By The Truman Committee, Which Ultimately Became The Current Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations. Reflecting On The Work Of The Committee Years Later, Truman Commented, ‘I Knew That After The First World War There’d Been A Hundred And Sixteen Investigating Committees After The Fact, And I Felt That One Committee Before The Fact Would Prevent A Lot Of Waste And Maybe Even Save Some Lives, And That’s The Way It Worked Out.’

“Health Experts Have Repeatedly Warned Us To Prepare For A Second Wave Of COVID-19 Later This Year. As Such, We Would Be Derelict In Our Duties If We Did Not Study Our Response To This First Wave In Order To Prepare For A Possible Second Wave Of COVID-19 Or Similar Outbreak. The Select Subcommittee’s Ultimate Mission Is To Develop Recommendations And Solutions That Will Promote The Health And Safety Of The American People.

“As Alexis De Tocqueville Observed, ‘The Greatness Of America Lies Not In Being More Enlightened Than Any Other Nation, But Rather In Her Ability To Repair Her Faults.’ I Think All Americans Would Agree That The Response To COVID-19 Has Not Been Perfect. The Select Subcommittee Will Give Us The Tools Needed To Work Toward A More Perfect Response To This And Future Pandemics.”

116th Congress