Chairman Clyburn Addresses Trump Administration’s Plan to End Funding for Testing Sites

Jun 23, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. (June 23, 2020)  -- Today, Rep. James E. Clyburn, Chairman of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, issued the following statement in response to reports that the Trump Administration is ending funding and support for local coronavirus testing sites around the country this month:


“It appears the President’s reckless call to decrease testing was not a joke.  At a time when public health experts are unanimous in their recommendation that more testing is needed to stop the spread of the virus and safely reopen our country, the Administration is reportedly going in the opposite direction by withdrawing federal support for local testing sites.  Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Vice President Pence, HHS Secretary Azar, and CDC Director Redfield requesting documents and information on  the Administration’s testing strategy.  As coronavirus cases surge throughout the country, I fail to see how withdrawing federal support for testing sites is compatible with any sensible strategy to combat this virus.  This support must continue, and testing must be increased.  If the President orders Administration public health officials to reduce testing, they should resist to the fullest extent permissible under the law—and immediately notify Congress.”


Following the Administration’s efforts to encourage states to quickly reopen last month, 23 states saw a rise in new coronavirus infections, with some of the nation’s most populous states—such as Florida and Texas—reporting record increases.  Hospital admissions have increased in at least 15 states, including Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Utah.



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